Toner sales

Toner Sales

Happy with how much your replacement toner costs? Do you look at your receipts and feel underwhelmed at how little you've spent? No?

You can be forgiven for forgetting just how much toner does cost. Per millilitre it can actually be more expensive than Dom Perignon champagne. We know which we'd rather spend our money on. Sadly, you can't print invoices or reports in bubbly.

Because of its high price, it's best to make sure you save as much as possible when you get your replacement toner and ink cartridges. Buying from high street stores and supermarkets is often the most expensive. They charge more and rely on convenience and their established brand to get you to buy. Similarly, 'genuine' toner cartridges made by printer manufacturers themselves are pricey. Because the cost of printers has lowered dramatically, they now rely on ink cartridge sales to recoup their costs.

There are so many places to get replacement ink and toner from. It's confusing, and often you'll end up spending more to try and save yourself time. No matter what you do, it looks like you're set to lose either time or money.

We're about to change that.

At Tech4 Office Equipment, we've forged close relationships with our suppliers. So we can give you an extensive range of toners, genuine and compatible, at a competitive price. We'll also keep our delivery charges to a minimum. You'll save more and get friendly, local service to boot. Toners from Tech 4 go all over Carlisle and Cumbria.

We'll give you toners for a huge range of printers and photocopiers, including:

  • Canon toner
  • Develop toner
  • Konica Minolta toner
  • Kyocera toner
  • Ricoh toner
  • Sharp toner
  • Toshiba toner
  • Xerox toner

Our expertise means that we'll advise you on which toner is best for your needs. Whether it be geuine, compatible or high yield, we'll find the best for you. You won't have to spend hours looking for the best deal any more, Tech4 will give it to you.

Why wait for your toner to run out? Get in touch with Tech4 today to find out how much you could save. Or ring us on 01228 672186 to find out straight away.

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