Printer servicing

Printer Servicing

Office printers acting up all the time? If your printer keeps having issues, you may end up spending a fortune on call-outs and repairs. You'll also lose time when the printer is out of action. You'll want your printer to run smoothly in the background while you get on with what's really important. But so many times this isn't the case.

Like anything with moving parts, your printers and photocopiers need adequate care to continue to run properly. To keep them working as well as possible, it's important they have regular maintenance. Without proper servicing, it's likely the same issues will keep cropping up.

If you do find yourself having to get your printer fixed a lot, maybe it's time to consider a service contract with Tech4 Office Equipment?

With a service contract from Tech4 you'll save money. Getting your printers repaired ad-hoc is fine if it's once in a blue moon. But if it becomes a regular occurence, having to pay each time someone comes to look at your machine can really impact your finances. Printers are such a small part of running a business. Do you really want to spend excessively just to make them work?

With Tech4's printer servicing you'll get:

  • Fixed price per month - never pay more no matter how much you use us
  • 4-hour response time (avg 2.5-hours)
  • Manufacturer-trained engineers
  • Unlimited telephone support

If you choose printer servicing from Tech4, you'll pay a fixed price per month that covers all parts and labour. So you'll never get any surprising invoices from us, not even if we have to come out twenty times in one month.

Not that we'll need to be out twenty times. Our engineers receive regular manufacturer training. So they know how to deal with all types of printer and photocopier. We'll take preventative measures so issues won't happen again. Your machines will work better for longer.

We're also quick to get to you. If any problems do occur, we'll get to you within 4 hours. If you need help, whether it be changing toner or taking a meter reading, we're only ever a phone call away. With Tech4's printer servicing, you'll get reassurance. You'll never have to worry again if your printer or photocopier breaks. The solution is just a phone call away.

Give yourself printer peace of mind. Get in touch with Tech4 today to find out more about our printer servicing. Or give us a ring on 01228 672186 to find out now.

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