Printer repairs

Printer Repairs

It's always when you have something important to do that your printer breaks. It's easy to let the office printer slip to the back of your mind. But when it stops working and you've got important reports to print, it's all you can think of.

Just because your printer or photocopier isn't cooperating, doesn't mean you can put your printing on hold. Your business might print its own invoices. So it's important that you spend as little time as possible without one. If it's not fixed quickly your productivity could suffer.

But where do you turn to get things sorted? You could have a go yourself. Though do you really have the time? And would you know what to do? It's easy to get frustrated trying to fix a printer without the right expertise. Not to mention time consuming. The hour and a half you spend side-lined, wrestling with a Konica Minolta could be better spent. If you get the help of a professional, you'll get your time back. At the end of the day time is money.

Don't fret, Tech4 Office Equipment are here to help.

If you choose Tech4 for your printer repairs, you'll get:

  • 4-hour response to call outs (avg response time 2.5-hours)
  • Loan replacement printer if yours needs to be taken away
  • The best, manufacturer-trained engineers
  • Preventative repairs, so problems don’t come back

We know what it's like to get wound up by a printer or photocopier. We work with them every day after all. So we'll do our best to relieve you of the frustration that we know comes with them. You can sit back and relax, or even do some work, while we take care of your printer or photocopier.

Time is important, and we understand you want to spend as little time as possible without a printer. That's why we guarantee a 4-hour response time to call outs. So it's more than likely you'll get your printer fixed the same day. What's more is that if we can't fix it there and then, we'll loan you a replacement machine while we take yours for a holiday in the workshop.

Our engineers are manufacturer-trained so they'll fix any make of printer, new or old. We only use genuine parts for replacement, so you can rest assured your machine will come out good as new. If you think you could sort the issue yourself, just with a little help, we even offer telephone support. So we can guide you through the simpler parts of printer repair.

Why lose your temper with your printer? Get in touch with Tech4 today and we'll do the frustrating bits for you. Call us on 01228 672186 for an immediate response.

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