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Printer Pal

Do you just buy your own ink cartridges as and when you need them? Surprised at how expensive they are and how quickly they run out? Without planning ahead, you can easily end up spending a large amount on replacement printer ink. Not to mention the time you'd have to spend searching around to find the best deal. What if someone took care of all that for you? Made sure you got your ink cartridges when you need them and don't pay a premium?

Our PrinterPal service does just that. With PrinterPal you'll never have to buy your own ink cartridges again. We break down your printing into a small cost for each print out you do. Included in this cost is all the ink you'll need. We even deliver it straight to you when you need it!

That's not all, though. As well as never having to worry about replacing ink ever again, you won't even have to buy your own printer. With PrinterPal, Tech 4 will provide you with a high quality laser colour printer, at no charge. So you get a FREE printer, and no-hassle ink delivered.

But I'll probably be tied into a long contract, right?

Wrong. You'll be put on a monthly contract, and you can cancel at any time.

I'll have to pay a minimum, though, yes?

Nope. You only have to pay for the number of prints you do each month. Not a penny more.

If something goes wrong with your PrinterPal printer, you needn't worry. We have experienced engineers trained by manufactures, so you can guarantee they'll be able to get your printer working again.

With Tech4's PrinterPal service you get:

  • A FREE colour laser printer
  • Ink cartridgs delivered to your site
  • Expert help and assistance from Tech4 engineers

Why take care of your own printing? Get rid of all the hassle and get yourself a PrinterPal. Get in touch with Tech 4 Office Equipment today to find out more. Give us a call on 01228 672186 for a faster response.

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