Printer audit

Printer Audit

Ever print an extra copy of something by accident? Everyone's done it. Unfortunately, if you run a business and it happens regularly enough, it can end up costing you quite a lot.

As well as printing by accident, there are other ways that businesses are inefficient when it comes to their office printing.

A lot of companies may buy cheap printers because of the low upfront cost. However, these kinds of printers are normally designed for light, home use. Not ideal for businesses in which they'll see a lot more action. While these kinds of printers seem cheap at first, the savings are soon spent on expensive and regular toner changes. Also under the heavy load of a business these machines won't last too long. So you'll have to replace them every couple of years.

If your business has a lot of printers like this, think how much you could be wasting each month. Pair this with accidental printing, and your printer or photocopier could be silently chucking your money out the window.

You wouldn't go into business without keeping an eye on your finances. So why print without knowing exactly how much it's going to cost you? The easiest way to save money, is by knowing what you're spending in the first place.

You probably don't have time to work that out though.

Fortunately, at Tech 4 Office Equipment, we'll work out all your costs for you. We'll let you know exactly how much each document you print off really costs.

With our printer audit service, we'll come to your premises and look at each of your printers or photocopiers. From information such as volume of printing, toner costs and overall machine cost we'll give you a cost-per-print. With this we'll be able to point out ways in which you can be more efficient. We'll give you information on how to cut down your printing costs as much as possible. So you'll be free to worry about the more pressing aspects of running a business.

Worried that you're spending far too much? Get in touch with Tech4 today and we'll show you the true cost of printing.

Think you've got the best deal? There's no harm in checking. Give Tech4 a ring on 01228 672186 to arrange your free printer audit.

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